BAGUIO City’s government is now accepting applications for licenses for recreational fishing at the Burnham Park Lake.

City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) Supervising Administrative Officer Sandra Almag said that as of Monday, the city is now accepting applications for locals to enjoy fishing at the tourist spot.

Applicants must acquire the non-transferable licenses prior to any fishing activity at the lake, and must comply with the conditions imposed for the issuance of such a license.

Under the city’s rules, fishing must be under a catch and release policy, with licenses to be issued for applicants who are Baguio residents, who must bring their own gear.

Non-Baguio residents may still fish but must apply for a permit per session from CEPMO.

Tampering with or otherwise illegally using the issued licenses will be grounds for cancellation of said licenses and disallowance of fishing activity.