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7 01, 2022

Know Your Candidate: Mark Go

By |2022-01-07T11:42:45+00:00January 7, 2022|News, Opinion|0 Comments

AS the coming elections draw closer and closer, we at the Baguio Chronicle have elected to start a series to help familiarize the Baguio populace with the candidates seeking the highest posts that the city can vote for. In this series of articles, which we will be rolling out regularly [...]

7 12, 2021

NEW HEIGHTS – Three things

By |2021-12-07T10:57:58+00:00December 7, 2021|Opinion|0 Comments

MY friend asked a group of us the other day: what are the three things you need for a happy life?  Each of us was given a few minutes to talk about and share about what was on our list and there were things that were fairly common among the [...]

7 12, 2021

ON POINT – Preparing for the inevitable

By |2021-12-07T10:55:45+00:00December 7, 2021|Opinion|0 Comments

THE successful resupplying run by two civilian boats to deliver fresh supplies to a small group of Filipino soldiers bravely manning a marine outpost within the dilapidated and deliberately grounded BRP Sierra Madre ship beside the Ayungin Shoal, one of the contested islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China [...]

7 12, 2021

GREEN THUMBS UP – Selecting seeds to plant

By |2021-12-07T10:50:03+00:00December 7, 2021|Opinion|0 Comments

WE are still discovering what plants grow well on sandy soil and on warm temperatures.  The first two years seem not enough to decide and we keep on planting any seed that comes our way, noting how these grow and adapt to the soil and climatic conditions.  Rather than trying [...]

29 11, 2021

FORTNIGHT – The creative economy and sustainable tourism

By |2021-11-29T14:50:27+00:00November 29, 2021|Opinion|0 Comments

WE are in the middle of a festival, or didn’t you know?  The Ibagiw Creative Festival formally opened on November 12 and will close on November 30.  In the intervening time, activities have been slated ranging from exhibits and exhibitions, trade fairs, performances, competitions, demonstrations, and lecture series in identified [...]

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