RE-ELECTED councilor, Leandro Yangot, is proposing an ordinance that would grant hazard pay to all city-paid workers whose lines of work have occupational hazards.

The proposed ordinance covers all city-paid workers, whether permanent, temporary, contractual, or casual in employment status for as long as they face occupational hazards and have rendered at least one year of continuous service under the government. Part-timers are also covered, but will receive only half the hazard pay under the ordinance.

In addition, the ordinance asks that the mayor establish a special health and safety task force to create the necessary guidelines for the implementation of the hazard pay ordinance.

City government workers mentioned in the proposed ordinance who perform hazardous and/or laborious duties are garbage collectors; tanods or the city’s police auxiliaries; personnel of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Operations Center; the Public Order and Safety Division under the City Mayor’s Office; the City Engineering Office; and the City Buildings and Architecture Office in the carpentry, plumbing, maintenance and electrical sections. 

Also included are field workers from the City Environment and Parks Management Office; personnel of the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office who are exposed to animal diseases; drivers of the city government; and health workers under the City Health and Services Office

“To address the call of the time, it is fitting for the city government to grant hazard pay to protect its workers in order to make them feel they are taken care of especially because it is their lives that are at stake,” Yangot said.