CITY Health Services Office (CHSO) data is showing a continued downtrend of dengue fever incidence in Baguio City.

While overall dengue incidence continues to be higher than the previous year’s, Dr. Rowena Galpo, head of the CHSO, said that throughout July, the case counts have been decreasing steadily.

At the start of July there were 184 cases, followed by 174 cases the following week, then 154 the week after, ending with 117 cases in the last week of July, indicating a steady downtrend.

However, 64 barangays have dengue fever case clustering, up from 53 barangays last week.

As of July 25, 1,257 cases of dengue have been reported, nearly double the 641 cases recorded in the same period of last year.

However, only two deaths have been reported from dengue to date, compared to six deaths last year.