RE-ELECTED councilor, Leandro Yangot, is reviving his 2019 push to protect all of Baguio’s pine trees by declaring them as heritage and protected under an ordinance.

The proposed ordinance seeks to curtail urban decay by penalizing those who would cut pine trees within Baguio’s territorial jurisdiction. 

Only pine trees that are dangers to life and property may be cut if the ordinance should be passed.

According to the ordinance, violators will be fined some P5,000 and potentially be subject to a six month prison term, or both penalties can be meted out.

If the violator is a “juridical entity,” the managing officer and other persons responsible for the violation shall be liable for the aforementioned penalties. If the violator is an “alien,” they shall be subject to national law and procedures on deportation after their sentence, and if the violator is a local official or employee, the city government may institute administrative proceedings, without prejudice to the rights of any affected person, upon verification of the complaint by any person.

Originally, the proposal was made in 2019 but was shelved following questions and comments by both the council and thenCity Environment and Parks Management Assistant Officer Ruben Cervantes.