Trigger Warning: Shooting, Terrorism
Claim: The Ateneo Arete Shooting was planned and executed by the ‘Pinklawans’
Rating: FALSE
The Facts: Multiple narratives from Facebook comments and tweets that we got from our tipline claim that the recent Ateneo shooting incident was planned by the Pinklawans in order to cause commotion and blame it on the government. They claimed that the shooter, Chao Tiao Yumol was hired to terrorize before the newly elected president’s State of the Nation Address (SONA)
This is false.
According to Police Brig. Gen. Remus Medina of the Quezon City Police District, the shooting was an isolated case driven by personal motives. It does not have any political motives behind it, the police said.
The victims’ lawyer, Atty. Quirino Esguerra said that Yumol was holding a grudge against ex-Lamitan Mayor Rose Furigay after she ordered the closure of Yumol’s clinic due to a lack of permit back in 2018. She also sued him for cyberlibel.
This was not the first time Yumol tried to retribute the ex-mayor since he had been filing complaints against the ex-mayor on the alleged involvement in graft and corruption and illegal drug trade before this incident.
It is also unlikely for the opposition (“pinklawan”) to plan this incident because the suspect, Chao Tiao Yumol, was a rabid supporter of Duterte before shifting to the newly-elected president Ferdinand “Bong bong” Marcos Jr. On the contrary, this incident challenges the morality of a well-mannered supporter of the president.
Many of those who said that the killings were the Pinklawan’s handiwork deleted their posts when the suspect turned out to be a crazed anti-Robredo campaigner, even sharing memes or stating libelous posts.
Some also shifted to a disgruntled doctor who wanted to help his hometown, although this can not be reflected in his posts and actions.
Why we fact-checked this: This knee-jerk reaction that every major incident in the Philippines is caused by the Pinklawan-BBM rivalry has to stop.