Claim: Marcos Sr. topped the Bar with 98% score, and is the highest-ever scorer
Rating: FALSE
Multiple posts are reviving the previously-debunked claim that Marcos Sr., the late dictator, scored 98 percent in the 1939 Philippine Bar exams.
This remains false, even if multiple Facebook posts continue to claim it with the doctored 1939 Philippine Collegian issue.
The actual issue, displayed in no less than the Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center in Batac, Ilocos, shows that Marcos got a grade of 92.35 percent (…/vera-files-fact-check-post…).
An impressive score, but not 98 percent, and not the highest. The highest recorded Bar Exam score is from Justice Florenz D. Regalado, who got a 96.7 percent score in the exam (…) in 1954.