Claim: Ely Soriano discourages voting for Leni before he dies.
A video from the Facebook page ‘SG Bantay Kasysayan’ is circulating with the caption “Bilin ni Bro Eli Soriano bago pumanaw tungkol kay Joma, mga kakampink nito at kung sino sino ang mga hindi dapat iboto ng sambayanang Pilipino….” (
Rating: FALSE
The Facts: There was no mention of Leni Robredo in the video of Ely Soriano.
Furthermore, Leni announced her candidacy for president in October, months after Ely Soriano already passed away in February. (…/leni-robredo-files…/…/ang-dating-daans-bro…)
The content of the video includes Ely Soriano claiming that institutions of learning, such as the University of the Philippines and Polytechnic University of the Philippines, along with progressive organizations like the Makabayan Bloc Partylist are linked with the CPP-NPA. He states that these institutions and organizations are breeding grounds for recruitment.
These claims are actually false and have been debunked multiple times.
Why we fact-checked this: With 5.9 million views, this post breeds disinformation and malicious hate towards certain individuals and organizations. These claims are a violation of human rights and are clear forms of red-tagging that endanger the lives of individuals that belong to the said groups and institutions.