Claim: BBM made a secret trip to Melbourne, Australia.
Rating: TRUE
The Facts: A viral tweet by @VergilChua on May 17 claimed that presumptive president-elect Ferdinand “Bingbong” Marcos Jr., along with his wife and youngest son, made a trip to Melbourne, Australia without notice of the public. (…)
This claim was confirmed by multiple Australian news outlets which reported that the purpose of the trip was to enroll their youngest son Vincent Marcos in the University of Melbourne. (…/philippines-new-president……/ferdinand-bongbong…/101075026)
The trip was also confirmed by Marcos’ spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez saying Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is in Australia for a private trip with his family. (…/status/1526453561638662144…)
Due to this information, different progressive groups located in Australia like Anakbayan Melbourne were able to rally allied outside the apartment building where the Marcoses are staying to protest the prospect of a Marcos-Duterte in the government. (…/status/1526405669129449472…
Why we fact-checked this: Amidst the vast disinformation network in the Philippines, transparency should be a requirement for public servants, especially for the presumptive president-elect. Activities that are concealed from the public create negative connotations and distrust.
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