Claim: Baste Duterte petitioned to shut down UP
Rating: FALSE
The Facts: A viral Facebook post allegedly from Sebastian “Baste” Zimmerman Duterte, the youngest son of retiring president Rodrigo Duterte, was asking for help in creating a petition to shut down the University of the Philippines System and change it to Bagong Pilipinas University.
This is false since the account that made the post was actually a poser account and was not the real Baste Duterte but a fan page. The page has then changed its name to ‘Baste Duterte FP’.
Baste Duterte did not deny this claim but warned the people to be mindful of fake Facebook accounts. He also stated that he has only three legitimate and verified social media accounts.
Why we fact-checked this: With 51 thousand reactions and 12 thousand shares, this post still circulates Facebook even after being claimed as “false” by Facebook and different news outlets.