Claim: A much-stronger earthquake will return this Wednesday evening in Abra
Rating: FALSE
This post, shared with us, claims that the Abra earthquake that happened in the morning of July 27 will return “in the PM”. The post even said that the earthquake will be volcanic in origin (the original one is tectonic) and will have an 8.0 magnitude.
This predictably has caused a slight panic as the geotag is in Abra which is the epicenter of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake Wednesday morning (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has since downgraded it from the earlier 7.3)
This is false.
While Phivolcs has recorded multiple aftershocks throughout the day (, they cannot accurately predict the location, time, and intensity of earthquakes.
Rather, they record and report such incidences.
Currently, there is no technology available that would enable the prediction of where and when earthquakes will strike.
Phivolcs has repeatedly reminded the public that they can not predict such seismological events.
But just the same, please be careful and stay safe.