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5 09, 2021

Strummin’ my pain with his fingers

By |2021-09-05T13:58:44+00:00September 5, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

  THEY still find time to play music together although many of them are successful in their selected fields. More than a dozen have migrated to the USA in search of better opportunities and protection in “Uncle Sam’s Arms” while the rest of the bunch preferred to be busy with [...]

5 09, 2021

.Leonard and the hubris of development

By |2021-09-05T13:31:01+00:00September 5, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

IN 1911, two years after Baguio was chartered into a city, the American colonial government decided to build a railroad leading to this hill station.  The project was then known as the Aringay-Baguio Line. It was supposed to complement the Benguet Road which would later be known as Kennon Road. [...]

5 09, 2021

Nakita kita sa isang magasin: Philippine Magazine and how it created the Cordillera literary landscape

By |2021-09-05T12:52:21+00:00September 5, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

 LAST July, Baguio boy John Silva had his exhibit at the Bencab Museum in Asin. Being the executive director and curator of Ortigas Foundation Library, Silva showed some of the Cordillera covers of that wonderful “peacetime” magazine called the Philippine Magazine. While cleaning up the books and periodicals of the [...]

19 08, 2021

Musings On Home – Chakras 101

By |2021-08-19T15:07:25+00:00August 19, 2021|Lifestyle, Opinion|0 Comments

“MOMMY, did you know that there was a prehistoric frog that was so big, it is thought to have eaten small dinosaurs?” I pondered over that fact for a few seconds. “That is one scary frog,” I replied. My eight-year-old son is fascinated with the natural world. Before he could [...]

19 08, 2021

‘A sustainable a environment for all, possible with collective action’- CYC

By |2021-08-19T14:53:50+00:00August 19, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Cordilleran Youth Center on International Youth Day 2021  THIS year's International Youth Day revolves around youth participation in advocating innovative and more sustainable means of maintaining our food systems. The pandemic has revealed multiple problems that arose in attempts to sustain food supply throughout the entire globe where it has [...]

14 08, 2021

First the sea, then the mountains: Baguio, beaches on top of travel wishlists

By |2021-08-14T10:18:56+00:00August 14, 2021|Lifestyle, News|0 Comments

IF not the beach, then Baguio.  Luzon and National Capital Region (NCR) tourists want more nature in their lives, a recent survey reveals. EON Trust Central, in partnership with the market research firm Tangere, conducted a study titled " Zooming in on the Filipino Traveler," which surveyed respondents on their [...]

14 08, 2021

UPB condemns Lorenzana and DND regarding UP DND accord

By |2021-08-14T09:42:46+00:00August 14, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

THE University of the Philippines Baguio community expressed “vehement condemnation” on Lorenzana’s statement that UP-DND Accord cannot be restored under Duterte.  “Lorenzana’s insistence on the so-called loophole that the UP-DND only covers the Philippine Constabulary is a vivid manifestation of their desperate attempt to intrude into our university. This is [...]

4 08, 2021

“Common Unity”

By |2021-08-04T12:48:50+00:00August 4, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

MOST of us are aware of the standard definition of the word “community,” often tied up to a specific place with people in the society exhibiting shared concerns, characteristics and often gathered through prevalent forces such as social, economic, and political interests.  Although this is correct, the idea of community [...]

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