THE Baguio City government has identified some seven potential sites for multi-level parking structures to help address the worsening traffic situation in the city.

According to City Planning and Development Officer Donna Tabangin, the parking structures will be either funded by the city or through public-private partnership (PPP).

One site identified is in the city-owned property along Kayang St., where the local government previously proposed an expansion of other offices along with the parking space for government vehicles and clients of the City Hall.

Another proposed site is in the market itself as part of the market redevelopment project that Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong is pursuing.

Another site is in the Baguio tennis court, set to be upgraded, which is expected to include an 80 slot underground parking facility.

Yet another multi-level parking site is planned in the area occupied by the old city auditorium, as well as one other such site along Gov. Pack Road.

The sixth proposed site is at the back of the Baguio Convention Center, and the final identified site is near the current Baguio City slaughterhouse to cater to motorists in the area.