WITH over 49,500 traffic violation apprehensions in the city of Baguio, the city has seen significant collections of fines to the tune of P21.6 million.

According to Police Lt. Col. Roldan Cabatan, chief of the Baguio City Police Office–Traffic Enforcement Unit (BCPO-TEU), projections and the current trends of violations suggest that the city might collect up to P35 million in total by year end from traffic violations.

Cabatan also said that apprehensions in the city, while high, are not desirable because delays in settling fines and reclaiming license plates from the BCPO  gum up the system.

Cabatan advised motorists to observe traffic rules and regulations not only to avoid being fined but also to help with the smooth flow of vehicular traffic in the city.

He also assured that the local government and the BCPO will continue to work on appropriate traffic schemes to combat congestion in the city’s roads, in particular on weekends when tourists and visitors worsen the flow of vehicles.