THE Baguio City Council has named its set of representatives to join the existing Public-Private-Partnership for the People (P4) selection committee headed by City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña.

City council deliberations have led to the choosing of  Vice Mayor and presiding officer Faustino Olowan, and councilors Peter Fianza, Mylen Yaranon, Leandro Yangot, Jr., Isabelo Cosalan, Jr. to join the P4 committee.

Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong has signed off on Resolution no. 339, series of 2022, which designates the said members of the Baguio City Council as members of the P4 selection committee.

The reselection was made pursuant to Ordinance no. 61, Series of 2017, as amended by Ordinance no. 160, Series of 2020. The ordinance provides for the composition of the P4 committee, which mandates that there shall be five representatives of the Baguio City Council in the committee at all times, selected by the council through a resolution.

Since the May elections saw a change in the lineup of the council, the new resolution named the current representatives to the P4 committee from its current members.

With its ranks filled again, the P4 committee is once again set to deliberate on projects entered into by the city. Currently, there are two big ticket projects on the P4 committee’s plate: the market redevelopment project and the intermodal terminal project.

Both projects are currently in the negotiation phase.