BAGUIO City’s local government is eyeing the acquisition of some 19 properties, both in the city itself and in neighboring municipalities of La Trinidad, Sablan and Tuba, for use in its planned projects.

The city is also purchasing a six-hectare lot in Tuba, Benguet for use in industrial and social projects.

According to City Assessor Maria Almaya Addawe, the lots for purchase vary in price ranging from P13 million to as high as P348 million.

The properties that were offered to the city for possible purchase include a 1.45-hectare lot in Tam-awan and Pinsao Proper worth P61 million, a 2.9-hectare property in Lucnab worth more than P104 million, a 2.7-hectare property in Balacbac worth P261 million; and another 1.8-hectare property in Balacbac worth P127 million, all in Baguio City.

Meanwhile, in neighboring areas, the city is eyeing a 3.5-hectare property in Longlong, Puguis, La Trinidad worth P157 million, a property in Lamtang covered by agrarian reform titles in Lamtang, Puguis, La Trinidad, a 4.8-hectare property in Alno, La Trinidad worth P13 million, and several properties in Taloy Sur, Taloy Norte and Poblacion, Tuba and in Bayabas, Sablan, all in Benguet.

Addawe said that the acquisition of the land is of great value to the city as it has a small land area naturally, which hinders the city from implementing social and economic projects.

Prior to purchase, the properties are due to be assessed for viability and cost effectiveness in terms of usability for the city’s future projects.