Last March, Insular Life (InLife) recognized its top financial advisors and agency leaders for their excellent sales performance in 2021. With one of the awardees being a Baguio boy, we took the opportunity to ask a few questions on this recognition and on financial planning during the second year of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Baguio Chronicle spoke with Richmond Baguno who was recognized as InLife’s “Club of Honors” awardee as third place Underwriter of the Year. Baguno, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from AMA University, joined InLife as a financial advisor in 2014.

“I wouldn’t be here today as I am now without my mentor: Divina Sy. She is the one who introduced me to the world of insurance. Without her unwavering perseverance in asking me to take the exam and make progress every day, maybe I wouldn’t be here, and for this I am very grateful,” he said.

Baguno explained why he pursued a career as a financial advisor which is not among the commonly aspired professions among Filipinos. “All of us are spenders, all of us want a better life, all of us want to take care of our family, and that’s why we are here. Your financial advisors give you advice on how to save up and guide you in making the right decisions on how to spend your hard-earned money for you to secure your life, your family, and your future,” he said.

He noted that financial advisors help Filipinos make confident decisions about life protection, savings, investments, and retirement.

Richmond Baguno is InLife’s “Club of Honors” awardee as third place Underwriter of the Year.

 Baguno described his experience as a financial advisor as a fulfilling job with many different possibilities and opportunities. “You get to meet a lot of different people, as well as visit and explore different kinds of places. More importantly, you get to help your fellow Filipinos to attain their financial needs for them to achieve their financial goals and lead better lives,” he said.

“For me, seeing our policyholders having a successful life, and knowing that we are a part of it is one of the best fulfillment you can ever have as a financial advisor,” he added.

During the recent InLife Club of Honors Annual Awards Night, Baguno (third from left) shares the stage with his mentor Divina Sy (fourth from left), and InLife executives (from left) Chief Agency Officer Geraldine B. Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer Raoul E. Littaua, Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas, and Chief Operations Officer Efren C. Caringal, Jr. 

And with only a small portion of Filipinos being insured, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of proper investments, financial planning, and financial security.

Baguno explained that even during the lockdown, InLife financial advisors continue to serve their policyholders through digital platforms and apps. “It is during this time of crisis that we strive most as this is where our fellow Filipinos really need in us in securing their financial stability. I know it’s really hard for us in this time of pandemic but with the use of social media and InLife’s digital platforms for financial advisors and policyholders, we continue to help and guide them in securing their financial needs for the future.”

Baguno pointed out that the ongoing public health crisis highlighted the value of life insurance and financial planning.

“We never know how many dark times we will face in the future, and these uncertain times are really what define us here in the insurance company. We exist so that no matter what hurdles come to you, there’s an InLife securing you a better life and a better future,” he said.

We asked – why InLife among the many insurance companies in the Philippines?

Baguno stressed that InLife is the only Filipino-owned mutual insurance company in the country.

“InLife lifts you up and push you to take greater heights that you can possibly imagine. I take pride in being part of InLife, the largest Filipino life insurance company in the country, with a mission to provide ‘A Lifetime for Good’ to Filipinos. InLife leverages on its 111 years of experience in financial protection, savings, retirement, and investments to help Filipinos prepare for their future,” he said.

Similarly, InLife takes pride in its financial advisors. The recognition given to Baguno and the rest of the “Club of Honors” awardees shows InLife’s pride in its financial advisors who continue to guide Filipino families through financial planning especially during the pandemic.

“Our awardees’ achievements underscore their commitment to give the best service consistently amidst the many challenges happening globally. Rather than seeing the difficulties as unclimbable walls, they turned them into opportunities for growth. Even in the toughest of situations, excellence can still manifest,” InLife Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas said in a press release.

“InLife’s Annual Awards Night is a most fitting culmination of our financial advisors and agency leaders’ year-long quest to help as many of our fellow Filipinos as possible to protect their families and build their dreams. This event is also a triumphant welcome to the heroes and sheroes of InLife, as they journey on to pursue service excellence. It is a quest that was never meant to end. The mission for every InLifer to bring ‘A Lifetime for Good’ knows no boundaries,” InLife President and CEO Raoul E. Littaua said.

For Baguno, the award is not just a notch in his belt. It is an inspiration to carry on with his job as financial advisor – meeting the next clients, the next families, the next breadwinners in need of guidance in financial planning – doing exactly what he does best.

InLife hopes to share Baguno’s award-winning profession and mission of helping others through financial planning to other Filipinos. To become financial advisors, simply attend InLife’s monthly online Winners Circle Business Opportunity Forum; take the licensure exam and get licensed; and complete the basic training program. Visit the InLife website for more details. 



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